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What we do

FLUTE solves your Radiology organization’s pain points.

Radiologist Burnout

Reduce radiologists' admin and cognitive burden, inefficient workflow and fatigue associated with manual reporting tasks.

Radiologist Productivity

Expedite the reporting process while significantly reducing speech-to-text errors, to handle larger workloads more efficiently.

Prevent Revenue Leakage

Catch reporting errors early on, minimize coding denials, ensure billing compliance and revenue optimization.

Flexible. Tailored. Efficient.

Designed for Radiology Teams' Diverse Needs.

  • Minimal setup cost and ongoing maintenance expenses

  • Improved radiologists' productivity and turnaround time for better patient care

  • Gain operational efficiencies, reduce labor costs and administrative overheads


Boost clinicians' efficiency, cut overall healthcare costs, and enhance patient care with ease.


Streamline radiology with a tailored copilot; accelerate reporting, minimize fatigue, no training.

  • Elevate radiology with a personalized copilot that truly understands your workflow and reporting style

  • Speed up reporting, reduce fatigue

  • No training required, no complex processes involved

Radiology Residents

Harness FLUTE's radiology knowledge graph for precise, trusted preliminary reports.

  • Leverage FLUTE’s proprietary radiology knowledge graph for high quality structured reports 

  • Write reliable prelim reports for review and final sign-off
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, microphone and EMR/PACS system

  • Cloud-based software that's easy to deploy and use

  • HIPAA, SOC2 (Type 1 & 2) and ISO 27001 certified

IT Team

Seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, microphone, EMR/PACS. HIPAA, SOC2 certified.

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